Here is the long version....In 2009 I started a blog called real estate style. It was a lot of fun, & I discovered my love of homes & interior design. Sometime in 2010, I merged it with my real estate company's blog. So, I blogged about things that interested me plus my real estate dealings. Then in 2011 I renamed the blog, real estate style & chestnut lane. It became a place where I posted about my two booth spaces where I sell furniture, gifts, & home decor accessories. Fast forward to February 15, 2012. Baby Charlotte Elisabeth Jones was born. Surprise, surprise, I quit blogging!! 

Here it is July 31, 2012, and I have missed it. Over the past couple of weeks I have really thought about blogging. I think of baby things I want to blog about, & I still do want to blog about Chestnut Lane & Griffin Realty. 

As I was driving down I-85 recently with a fancy little green highchair strapped into my passenger seat, I decided it was time. The stress I endured finding this chair on Craigslist made me realize my new found passion for baby gear. After many walks with a good friend, I decided to call my new blog the little green chair. She was also the friend who helped me brainstorm the first blog while walking on the beach years ago! Funny how things can change & stay the same. 

Are you still reading? This blog is going to be about everything & nothing at the same time. I have also reverted back to blogger, but if you want to catch up on my blog posts from 2009 to the beginning of 2012, then click the link to my old blog. 

I think that about sums up the thinking behind the little green chair.

PS-One more thing. My baby's daddy put a ban on Charlotte's pictures going on the web. This will be a blog where you will hear a lot about this gal named Charlotte, but you will have to imagine how beautiful she is! Update! On the new blog I will now have a snippet of my instagram pics. I do post pics of the babe there, but only from the side or behind. No face shots!