baby shoes

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Baby shoes are turning out to be a big problem for me. It's nearly impossible for me to find what I want. Maybe I need to go into the baby shoe design biz. 

Until now, Charlotte hasn't worn shoes. It has been hot, and I like baby feet. She sports socks from time to time. But now, she is wanting to stand and take steps while we hold her up. That becomes an issue when we are out in public. So now we are shoe shopping. This girl is growing up too fast...

I recently ordered these Keds from Zappos. They are so cute, but they just didn't fit Charlotte's feet. I think she may have wide feet.

I have a few friends who have recommended Robeez soft soled shoes. The soft soles are better for growing baby feet, and especially for a babe as young as Charlotte who isn't walking. 

We do have a pair of these that are similar to Robeez. I bought them at Target while pregnant. 
We are keeping them in the diaper bag, and wear them with everything whether they match or not.

Speaking of matching, what are the fashion rules for baby shoes?? I have no idea. Can they wear white shoes after Labor Day? I would love some shoe advice. Don't want Charlotte looking uneducated on the subject. 

I like plain and simple, but here are some of my favorites from Robeez. 

Reversible pony shoes.

I like these since they are brown.

Love the popsicle shoes.

A white option.

And show pony peek a boo. I think she would like playing with these. 

These shoes are pinned on my "baby gal clothes" board on Pinterest. I LOVE these hot pink baby driving mocs, but the smallest size is 12 mths. Maybe for next spring!
You can find them here. 

These sparkle ballet flats are kind of cute too. 
From Gap.

Here are some cute ones I just found on Etsy. There are a lot of cute handmade shoes, and pdf templates in the event I get the urge to make my own baby shoes. But for starters, I may try some of these. :)

These are cute, and simple.

There are some other designs from this shop, but I like the red.

This is exactly what I was looking for, plain, solid color leather shoes. I'm thinking a pair in white or cream with baby C's initials in a neutral color. 

These are pretty sweet for dress up. Love the linen with the brown monogram. I would love even more if they had a simple strap instead of the ribbon. She would probably untie them accidentally. 

All of the Etsy shoes are pretty reasonably priced too. 

baby food

Thursday, September 20, 2012

This is the ultimate DIY project, and one that makes you feel good! I guess if you don't have a baby right now, you probably won't try it though.

I will be honest about making Charlotte's baby food. It's not because I am some great health guru. I figured I would give it a try, and turns out it's pretty cheap and easy. So there's the truth. And, I think the little cubes of frozen food are pretty darn cute.

So here are some of the tools that have helped me become a baby food gourmet. Just kidding....It's pretty basic.

{1} The Baby's Table - This has been a great book that a friend loaned me. It has great recipes, but so far I've been following the cooking methods for simple purees.

{2} Annabel Karmel Trays - I actually found these at Wal-Mart in Griffin. I love them. The size of each cube is perfect for a meal, and I love that it has a lid while freezing. 

{3} Tovolo Cube Trays - I read about these trays on Styleberry {link below}, so I ordered them. My two complaints are the size and lack of lid. Each cube is pretty small, so now I am using two cubes for a meal for Charlotte.  Basically, I'm using these trays for the extra food. 

{4} Boon Edgeless No Skid Bowls - These are great, although I still don't leave them on the highchair tray while Charlotte eats. She would have both hands in the bowl.

{5} OXO Bowls w Lids - I found these in green at Marshall's. They are great, also have a no skid bottom.

{6} Gerber Spoons - We have these spoons, and they are good. You can find them pretty much anywhere you find baby stuff.

Okay, so on to the exciting process of making baby C's food. 

1. Peel & cut up fruit or veg
2. I use a regular cooking pot with a steamer basket
3. Place fruit or veg in steamer basket with some water in the pot
4. This is where the book comes in handy, it will tell you approximate cooking times
5. Once the food is steamed and soft, I let cool then put in a food processor
6. I usually add some of the cooking water to help the food puree easier and a little thinner
7. The puree goes in the trays, then in the freezer
8. Once frozen, I pop out the cubes, and put in freezer ziplock bags labeled with the name and date
So easy! When it's feedin' time, all we do is grab a cube from the freezer, and place in a bowl and microwave. 
So far, Charlotte has had sweet potatoes, golden delicious apples, green beans, peas {i used frozen}, pears, & butternut squash.

Styleberry is a great blog that I found on Pinterest. She posts on making baby food, and the picture below is from her blog. You should definitely check out if interested.

Aren't the cubes cute? We haven't had any purple or pink ones yet. 

And of course the most important part of mealtime, the little green chair. That's where Charlotte sits while she eats. :) 

more booth business

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Today we moved to a new space inside Shop@11th. I share this booth with a friend, and we are excited about the new spot. Go check it out!

Kay, the owner of Shop@11th, is doing lots of moving around! There is also more booth space available, Kay is taking new vendors!

We are now in a new room, and I love it!

The fun thing about this biz is it's always changing!

Shop@11th is open Thursdays-Sundays!

Griffin is becoming quite a little destination for antique/gift shopping!

Fall Shopping

Friday, September 14, 2012

If you are around Griffin this weekend, stop by Gigi's Antique Griffin. They are having a fall open house today through Sunday! Most of you know that one of my booths is located there, so be sure to check it out in the upper room towards the back.

The new owner of Gigi's has really done a great job sprucing up the shop. She has great mums and pumpkins for sale right now! I posted this pic earlier on Facebook and instagram. I love unique pumpkins, and I got an orange/white one, green, and a small white one. They are great prices too!

{you don't see a green one because I bought the one that was in the crate, but there are more!}

You can find info on the open house here. 

And don't forget to swing by Shop@11th on 11th Street in Griffin as well! I am getting ready to update and move that booth as well!

burlap sign

Thursday, September 13, 2012

This was so easy. I wanted a sign for the new booth space at the Antique Griffin, but I wanted to use things that I had. Another thing is, the sign had to be light. At first, I considered hanging it from the ceiling.

So, after some Pinterest looking, I found this. Burlap-check, paint-check, and ribbon-check!
And, I LOVE the scalloped edge. Maybe it's this table in the booth that has me loving scalloped things right now.

This is my home made sign. I had the letter stencils, cut, painted, and hung! I think it's great to have the booth name, and it looks cute at the same time.

Random Interior Pics

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

These are a few more old pics that I've had saved on my computer. Trying to clean up the folders, so I thought I would post them! I LOVE the wall shelf above. This that was from an old Southern Living mag.

This one above is from Urban Grace. I saved it because I have a dream of one day opening up the wall between our kitchen and family room. It would be just like this! Just kidding, but would be nice to open things up. 

Can't remember where this one came from. I must have saved because I like the island. 

This is Southern Living too I believe. LOVE this foyer. I . Want . Wood . Plank . Walls . . .

This one reminds me of the layout of our front, formal living room. Although it's not really formal. It's where Savannah spends most of her time looking out the window. 

One more saved to give ideas to open up the kitchen. 

More booth related things

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I have had a lot of fun getting the new booth in order. And to make things even better, I have a bunch of new things that are going in the booths tomorrow!!

Here they are. Prepare to be amazed. :) You can find the prices under "my shop" tab on the blog in just a bit.

I have been wanting some ceramic egg crates for awhile now!! Part of my refrigerator renovation. And, new colors in the burlap, wired ribbon. This stuff will be great for fall, and even Christmas. 

Metal utensil holder, which I also think works great as a desktop accessory. You can be so organized with you pens, pencils, scissors, etc...

painted, wood frames. 

The light in this picture is terrible. I couldn't do any better. These are hand painted canvases. This one is big, it's 24" square.

This one is a little smaller, but still cute.

Aqua tackle box. I think this would be great for craft supplies, or you can go old school and pretend it's a metal Caboodle. {Who remembers those??}

Some botanical prints with burlap.

And my new fave, these clip frames. So easy to change out your pictures!

All of these items will be available at either Gigi's Antique Griffin or Shop @ 11th in the new few days!!

New Booth!

Monday, September 3, 2012

I am so excited about my new booth!! Yesterday, Kay and I spent hours painting and moving to our new space. We are still in the back room, but just further down on the right.

Here is what the space looked like at 9:30am yesterday morning, minus the furniture.

We painted Sherwin Williams Pearly White. It's a wall color from the Southern Living Idea House in Senoia. It's a great, chalky, white.

Then we each added 8x10 seagrass rugs from American Mills in Griffin. 

So, on the the new stuff! 
I brought a few new things in.

I am excited with how it's shaping up. There are still things to do. I need to hang some type of fabric/curtain panels in the back corners.

And, I have tons off small things and accessories coming soon!

I am going to update the "My Shop" tab at the top of the blog. You can check there for prices.

New nightstands, and nesting tables. These nesting tables always sell fast! This is the first time I've had them in driftwood.

These framed prints are on sale, ready to move them out!

Cool wood bowl. I have one on our dining room table, and love!

This distressed bookshelf has been marked down.

A few things for fall. 

Like I said, more accessories coming soon....

So be sure to swing by the Antique Griffin to check it out! There are some other booths that have moved there, and new ones coming!