Monday, October 15, 2012

Today is Charlotte's 8 month birthday!! This is all happening very fast. She is not officially crawling with her legs, but she is scooting all over the place. Baby gates are now in place. As of last week, she can now pull up and stand while holding on to something. I just googled that, and I think we are about a month early. No more rest for this mama. At least with all of her newfound freedom, she is still sleeping like a champ.

You can see some pics on my instagram sidebar. We visited the horses this weekend, it was so nice outside. I seem to be walking more because of the weather, and now that baby C is riding in the Bob without the carseat, she enjoys it more.

Anyway, on to Serenbe. I have posted before on Serenbe, the development in south Fulton Co. One plus of living in a central location like Griffin, we can take great day trips. On my way to Serenbe, I passed the Boneyard. It's an antique/furniture/booth style store similar to Gigi's Antique Griffin. It's cool, I recommend going. And they have a booth at Scott's. I digress...On the way to Serenbe I also drove through Senoia, which has become another favorite excursion spot. You can really hit up a lot of cool shops.

Serenbe had some new shops since I had been last. I met up with a few old pals, and we celebrated a baby boy on the way for one of my friends. Since this is her second baby, we had a "sprinkle" instead of a "shower." That's the new lingo. We decided that if she goes for baby number 3, we will have a "mist."

After brunch at the hil, we walked around some of the shops. We also toured the Bosch Net Zero idea house. Here's a link to see the inside furnished. It was vacant when we saw it.

We also went in Fern's Market. 

Which is were Jennifer found this book, In My Barn.  Charlotte loves it. :)

Then I took some pics while cruising out. 

Love this contemporary house. I think because of the rock, and the setting. It's like an urban farmhouse. 


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