DIY wreath bow

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

If you live in Griffin, then you might have just had a beautiful Christmas wreath delivered! If you didn't, and would like to, shoot me an email. I can hook you up with someone in the Utility Club, they are selling these fab wreaths for $25 each.

I just made a bow for mine that's hanging on the front door. You know I always need some inspiration, so here's mine.

I googled "burlap bow" and found this guy. It was on this blog. I like how she said she wanted a floppy, burlap bow.  
My burlap ribbon is white, and I love it! It is also very soft, so it drapes well. It does have a wired edge so that helps in shaping it. 
Here goes my great step by step tutorial. :)

First, you will need a piece of wire. I used a long twist tie that I saved from some extension cords I recently bought. I was thinking ahead!

Then, unroll your ribbon and get the length that you want for the tails to be. I made mine longer since I want my bow to be at the top of the wreath. If you like your bows on the bottom, then you might want a shorter tail.

Next, you are going to start making your loops. Always do a pair that are the same size. I made pretty large loops. I want a floppy bow remember. :) The larger the loop, the more loose your bow will be. If you want a more traditional look, go smaller on the loops.

Really from here you will have to guesstimate how many loops you want. 

I ended up with 8 total. I got a little smaller as added loops. 

While I am creating the loops, I am keeping a tight grip in the center of the bow. Actually squeezing it all together. Then, grab that fancy extension cord twist tie, and tie around the center that you have been holding as tight as possible. Like so...

It's nice to have some tie left so you can hook to your wreath. Hence the long twist tie. You can also use floral wire. Or, if you are like me and impatient, you could also tie multiple regular twist ties together. Doesn't everyone have a million twist ties in their kitchen?

Once you have it tied down, start fluffing. You will grab the loops, and this is where the wired edge comes in handy. Just move them around, and sort of pull towards the center because you want to hide the tie in the center. Another tip, try to match your tie to your ribbon.

Here is the finished product!

Even though I have 8 loops. I twisted them around in an asymmetrical style. Again, going for the more casual look. 

And my tails are the perfect length to stick into the wreath. Here is a side view. 

I'll be making another bow for our second wreath. I may use mustard burlap ribbon for that!

If you want to know about my burlap click the "my shop" tab at the top of the blog. I have some for sale at both booths!! I have white, mustard, brown, light blue, and regular burlap color. They are $14 each for a 10 yard roll.

Good luck, and happy bow making. 


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