Random Interior Pics

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

These are a few more old pics that I've had saved on my computer. Trying to clean up the folders, so I thought I would post them! I LOVE the wall shelf above. This that was from an old Southern Living mag.

This one above is from Urban Grace. I saved it because I have a dream of one day opening up the wall between our kitchen and family room. It would be just like this! Just kidding, but would be nice to open things up. 

Can't remember where this one came from. I must have saved because I like the island. 

This is Southern Living too I believe. LOVE this foyer. I . Want . Wood . Plank . Walls . . .

This one reminds me of the layout of our front, formal living room. Although it's not really formal. It's where Savannah spends most of her time looking out the window. 

One more saved to give ideas to open up the kitchen. 


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