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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I have had a lot of fun getting the new booth in order. And to make things even better, I have a bunch of new things that are going in the booths tomorrow!!

Here they are. Prepare to be amazed. :) You can find the prices under "my shop" tab on the blog in just a bit.

I have been wanting some ceramic egg crates for awhile now!! Part of my refrigerator renovation. And, new colors in the burlap, wired ribbon. This stuff will be great for fall, and even Christmas. 

Metal utensil holder, which I also think works great as a desktop accessory. You can be so organized with you pens, pencils, scissors, etc...

painted, wood frames. 

The light in this picture is terrible. I couldn't do any better. These are hand painted canvases. This one is big, it's 24" square.

This one is a little smaller, but still cute.

Aqua tackle box. I think this would be great for craft supplies, or you can go old school and pretend it's a metal Caboodle. {Who remembers those??}

Some botanical prints with burlap.

And my new fave, these clip frames. So easy to change out your pictures!

All of these items will be available at either Gigi's Antique Griffin or Shop @ 11th in the new few days!!


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