Baby Bibs & Shower

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I guess you have to know how to use a sewing machine just a little to do this. :) Sorry, I can't help you with that. My sewing skills are very limited. I like to wing it, and keep my fingers crossed.

Sunday, I helped host a baby shower for a friend here in town. We decided to hang a bunting garland, and mix in some custom bibs. Since our friend, who will remain nameless, hasn't picked a baby name, we couldn't monogram anything for this future baby gal....So what to do, what to do. Well, if you shop around for cute bibs, good luck. I didn't find any worth hanging up as the central party decor. The great party hostess, that held the shower at her house, luckily had a million fabrics to choose from. She had plenty to mix and match for the bunting and some bibs. I also threw in some burp cloths.

So here they are. I guess I will call them a DIY bib, because I will tell you how I made them.

First, I picked a bib I already had to make a template.

I traced around it on some cardstock paper. I gave about an inch around for seam allowance.

Then I used the pattern to cut my terry cloth, which was a hand towel I found at Walmart. The thinner the better. In the fabric dept, they only had bright white terry, and I was wanting an off white or cream. One hand towel was enough for two bibs.  

Then I cut the fabric for my front. This is leftover fabric from Charlotte's nursery. I made a tester first.

Then I sewed the two pieces together with the right sides facing each other. You then turn right side out, and stitch closed the opening. 

Once the bib was complete, I sewed another seam along the edge to help it lay flat. You can see that seam below. 

And last, I sewed little round velcro pieces on for the closure. 

And here are the bibs and burps I made for the shower. 

I think they turned out pretty good. Did I mention that these bibs are huge? They will swallow a newborn. :)

I also added my little ribbon tag to add some flair. I have done that will all of my burp cloths. Maybe it's my trademark.

Here are some shots from the shower. 

I'll also post later on a few other things I made for the shower. All Pinterest inspired!


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