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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Okay, so I have decided to go ahead and post my pictures. Please note that my skills are bad. I was taking them fast because there were so many people there. Had to work fast....

Anyway, I almost felt bad posting them even though we were allowed to take pics, and I've seen others on the web.

I loved all of the paint colors throughout the house. This is one of the guest baths.

Guest room #1

A little close up of the curtain rod.

Even the laundry room is fab. I am pretty pumped because our new dryer, that I found on clearance, looks similar to these! Mine is a matte gold, I think they called it Ginger.

So, who doesn't love some solid surface counter tops while they sort and fold??

On to the master bedroom. I love the Whippet-ish art.

I LOVED this chest and mirror.

Looks like little sea urchins.

Throughout the house, there were paint color cards for each room.

A lot of the upholstered furniture is from Lee.

The master bath was no disappointment. 

Very interesting drawers in lieu of cabinets to the floor. 

Moving on to the main living areas. This is a close up of the dining area. As I am typing this, I realize there isn't a formal dining room in the house. Funny that I didn't notice that while there. I was going to call this the breakfast area, but I guess it's the dining room!

A little den off of the main living area.

With a nice, tailored looking sectional from Lee.

A view of the main area. Dining, sitting areas, and kitchen.

Another nook off of the main area. I love a built in desk tucked away. 

And I think this was a powder room next to the desk area. 

That wall over the sink is all tile. Or probably marble.

Another sitting area off of the main area. 

An interesting accent in the fireplace. 

LOVE these sofas.

Most of the fixtures in this house were a dark brass.

Which I am liking mixed with stainless. Definitely gives some ideas to consider. 

This is the "scullery" aka butler's pantry. That is the fridge built in. 

I think the shelves in front of the windows are cool. I would have never thought that was okay to do, but I like.

That is all for today. I have a bunch of pictures left to post!


Julie said...

how fun! thanks for all the pics! can't wait to go.

Carolyn said...

Ah..I'm jealous you got to go. The house needs more color for my taste, but it's all really pretty.

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