Diaper Bags

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

{1} Cinda b Babe-A-Licious Baby Bag w Changing Pad - This is my favorite, and the one that I am using now. It is very light, and I love the bottle pockets on the ends. The long strap is also perfect for hanging on a stroller. I do keep the changing pad in the bag since it is also very light. 

{2} Dwell Studio Chocolate Dots Madison Diaper Bag - This was the bag I bought right before Charlotte got here. I like the way it looks, and thought is was less "diaper baggy" looking. It does have great interior pockets, but a con is the straps. They won't hang on a stroller. 

{3} Amy Butler Diaper Bag - I am actually a retailer, and can order Amy Butler bags if anyone's interested! This was the very first bag I ordered. Yes, I have three diaper bags... I saw this line at the Mart a few years ago, and fell in love with the fabrics. This bag is great because it's big, and it does have separate little straps that hook over a stroller handle. It does come with the changing pad, but I didn't usually keep it in the bag because it's really big. I used the bag in the very beginning because of it's size. When we took Charlotte places, we took everything we owned. Over time, I wanted a smaller bag, but for some reason #2 bag didn't cut it. So, that's where #1 came into the picture. And back to the Amy Butler bag, it's still great for travel and trips.

{4} Skip Hop Diaper Bag - I do not have this one, but a friend has it in black. She loves it for the pockets as well. I think it also has a good stroller strap. 

You can find all of these bags online, but I did get #1 Cinda b bag at Serendipity in Griffin. There are other patterns and bags, sort of similar to Vera Bradley.


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