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Thursday, August 9, 2012

I have been wanting to come up with something new for our kitchen. We have one blank wall that is screaming for a message center. Right now, I have a small, burlap covered cork board. You can see it in my old post here.

All of these pictures can be found on my "Kitchen Ideas" board on Pinterest.

I like this one below with the metal on the top, and chalk board on the bottom. We could do something similar since we have a chair rail. I do want to be able to hang pictures up, so need either magnets or a cork area.

I am also considering magnetic chalk board paint. 

I love the trim around this one below.

The rustic wood looks good too. I just need to get a miter saw and start making these!

I do also like the idea of painting that entire wall. 

Or, we could do a few separate boards like this below.

Another one with good trim. If you click this one on Pinterest, it will tell you how to make.

This is on my project list!


Joel Wiley said...

Hey Sarah, I love a big chalkboard, they're so useful especially in the kitchen. If you go the paint route, I would recommend getting the spray rather than brushing or rolling, it's so much smoother.

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