Mud Room

Monday, August 6, 2012

Or shall I call it the drop zone? We are coming up on our 2 year anniversary living in our house! It has been a great two years. We had the perfect amount of time to get settled before the babe came along.

Even though we finished some big projects, I realized that we needed a mud room now more than ever. The four hooks by the back door were just not going to cut it. So, in a moment of haste, I decided that the breakfast room would become an official mud room.  We never had breakfast in there, or any meal. Charles likes to eat in the dining room, and that's fine with me since our dining furniture is very casual. But truth be told, we usually eat in the family room.

Anyway, I found a great deal on this cool iron and wood bookcase at one of my Mart vendor's warehouse sale in Atlanta. I loved the look, and knew that I wanted open storage for my new mud room. I know it is not ideal to look at all of our junk crammed in it, but I knew that if it wasn't open, we probably would just stack stuff up on the floor.

We kept my favorite bench in there, and just moved it. We finally have a great spot to sit and put on shoes. Although, it usually has the carseat on it.

So, here is our new mud room. We are going to move the light fixture to the foyer, and get a smaller light. Charles has hit his head about a million times.

And here is a shot of what it usually looks like. Perfect for parking the Bob stroller, and I have a little nook for the Chicco carseat.


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