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Friday, August 3, 2012

I want to make a disclaimer. I love the blog hellobee. They have tons of great baby buying guides. This is where I learned about most of these high chairs. I am not trying to rip them off by doing a product guide, but I love how organized it is. I wanted to blog about my chair, and thought I would also cover some others that I considered. But I also urge you to check out their blog if you are into baby things. It is my baby go to place right now! You can find hellobee here. 

{1} Stokke Tripp Trap - This is the chair that we have, and I love it. It is very pricey though. I found ours on Craigslist, so you could check there. I was lucky and found the green, which is the color that I wanted. I never thought I would have gone with a wooden highchair like this. After some fast research, I decided to go this route because it will be easy to clean, and we can use it forever. Literally....Check out the Stokke website. The weight limit is 300 pounds, and you can adjust the seat and the footrest to fit your baby/child/husband. :) When I texted Charles a picture of it, he thought it looked like a Swedish bookcase. Close, but it's Danish. Another great thing about these chairs is they are made to pull right up to your table. Your baby will learn to eat at the table with the family. They do offer a tray that I found on Amazon. I did order one for Charlotte to use now. When we start solids we will most likely be feeding her in the kitchen for awhile, and our little table in there is counter height. Anyway, enough about the Tripp Trap. I love it. Obviously since I named my blog after it. 

{2} Keekaroo - This is very similar to the Stokke, but is much less expensive equipped with everything you would need for a small baby. For less than $200 you get the chair, tray, and infant insert. I do like how the insert looks like a bumbo seat. Truth be told, I only got the Stokke because I found the great deal on Craigslist.  If I had to choose between new chairs, I would have gone Keekaroo. They only come in dark or light wood, but the inserts come in various colors. 

 {3} OXO Tot Sprout - I honestly didn't research this one. Just saw it on Amazon, and thought it was cute. Looks like it also adjusts to fit your child through the years. Not cheap, but not the most expensive either. 

{4}  Boon Flair Pedestal - I LOVE this chair. Saw it in a magazine, and found it online. To me it is the affordable version of #5 below. I love the look of this chair, and was about to order until I started researching the wooden chairs. I decided it was too big for our small kitchen, and that I really wanted something that we didn't have to kick to the curb in a year or so. The colorful seat insert is removable, and this is supposed to be super easy to clean.

{5} Bloom Fresco Classis - If you are a celebrity, this might be the chair for you. I will have to admit that I get really worked up over things like this. For a second I thought I must have this chair. But with a hefty price tag of around $500 I had to tell myself no. Glad I did. Otherwise this blog would be called the big modern egg chair.

{6} IKEA Antilop - This is the most affordable option by far! I think it's around $20. A good friend told me about this, and that she loves hers. She suggested buying for the Grandparents to have, and we might do that! It looks simple, and easy to clean. But, as her child is getting older, he can not climb into the chair on his own. 

That is all for my baby high chair round up. 


Jeremy Miles said...

Good to know these brands of high chairs. I will share these to my sister because she wants to buy one.

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