Wednesday, August 8, 2012

In the essence of full disclosure, we started using bottles and formula when Charlotte was 2 weeks old. After a weight loss issue, we knew that she couldn't go on nursing alone. {And with our doctor's advice} We started her on Similac formula. My feelings are, if you can nurse your baby that is great! If you can't, or if you try and it doesn't work out, that's great too. Just do what works for your babe!!!

Okay, on to the exciting world of baby bottles.

{1} Dr. Brown's 4 oz Bottles - We used these to start formula feeding. For the first month or two Charlotte never drank more than the 4 oz, so these were perfect. 

{2} Dr. Brown's 8 oz Bottles - We have been using the 8 oz bottles for awhile now. She drinks anywhere from 6-8 0z usually. I would suggest to have some of the 8 and 4 oz.

{3} Dr. Brown's Nipples - If you are expecting, this is the most important thing you will ever learn. Just kidding, but it's pretty good. Did you know that bottle nipples come in different sizes? I had no idea, so we learned the hard way. There were days that Charlotte drank fine, and sometimes she was a complete slob and formula would go everywhere. It turns out that she was not a slob, but we were using a range of nipple sizes. The larger ones let the milk come out too fast, and she would have trouble drinking. So, you need to start with the lower numbers, and work your way up. Luckily a good friend with a baby told me about this before we went on too long. If you already have a supply of bottles and nipples, look on the underside of the nipple. You will see a level number. You can also buy more nipples, and it will tell you for what age range.

{4} Bottle Cleaning Brush - I love this type of brush with the sponge at the tip, and they usually have an attachment for cleaning nipples. You can find these anywhere, I ever think they have some at Roses if you are in Griffin. 

{5} Boon Drying Rack - This is my favorite accessory for bottles!! The same friend who informed me on nipple size, also had one of these. It think it's so cute, and don't mind it sitting on my counter. They aren't huge though, but I think there might be a larger size. It's easy to clean, you can rinse off or throw in the dishwasher. 

{6} Dishwasher Caddy - I usually hand wash all my bottles and parts in really hot water, but these caddies are great for times when you can throw a load of parts in the dishwasher. 

Another thing, sometimes I use regular dishwashing soap, but lately I've been using Babble brand from Babies R Us, and I like it. I've also ordered dish soap from Jessica Alba's company, Honest.


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