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Monday, August 20, 2012

Some bloggers post photos from their iphones. These are some pictures I had saved on my computer. Before Pinterest, back in the day, I used to save pictures I liked from the web to my computer. I would create all sorts of folders to organize them. If I wanted to remember where the photo came from, I would have to type the website in the file name. Hard to believe I did all of that. :) Just kidding, but it is great that we have Pinterest now.

I actually can't remember if I found this pic online, or took it myself at the Mart. Anyway, I like it. Maybe one day I will have a horse head to hang all of my old ribbons on.

I told you that these pictures are random. Love this room below. I am a big fan of neutrals, and love the pop of color in the art. If I did a zebra print, it would definitely be like the chairs.

Something today with animal heads on the walls? Cute bedroom for a girl. 

I remember saving these placemats thinking that I could make some. Let me pin that on my "still to-do" board. 

Another cute bedroom.

I know this last picture is from an old Coastal Living. The room may have been designed by Suzanne Kasler. {You may recognize her name from Ballard Designs}

Like this little desk and mirror.

This kitchen is from Urban Grace Interiors. One day I want to cut an opening in the wall between our kitchen and family room. 

That is all for today's photo dump.


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